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Replacement cups for EHS blades


EHS replacement cups

The “EHS Cups” is a specialized components designed for use with EHS blade models.

EHS replacement cups

The “EHS Cups” is a specialized components designed for use with EHS blade models. Here’s a breakdown of the features and specifications:

  1. Material: These cups are engineered using high-grade aluminum. This implies that they are likely durable and resistant to wear and tear.
  2. Mounting Hardware: The cups come with mounting hardware. This is essential for attaching them securely to the equipment they are intended for.
  3. Lightweight: The cups are described as lightweight. This is often an important feature in various applications, as it can reduce overall weight and make the equipment more manageable.
  4. Anodization: The cups are anodized. Anodization is an electrochemical process that adds a protective and decorative layer to aluminum. The color could be for aesthetics or may serve a functional purpose, like corrosion resistance.
  5. Threaded Cup Pillar with Single Bolt/Washer: This indicates how the cups are attached to the equipment. They have a threaded cup pillar and are secured with a single bolt and washer, which is a common method for attaching components securely.
  6. Compatibility: The cups are compatible with all EHS blade models. This is an important feature to ensure they can be used with a range of blades.
  7. Set of 4 Cups (2 Wide & 2 Regular): The cups are sold in a set of four, with two wide and two regular cups. This suggests that they may serve different functions or be used in different positions on the equipment.

Know more about EHS here

Sizes (mm):
-1 0 (standard) +1 +2 +3 +4 +5 +6 +7 +8 +9 +10
Cup Height

24mm (-1), 25mm (0), 26mm (+1), 27mm (+2), 28mm (+3), 29mm (+4), 31mm (+6), 32mm (+7), 33mm (+8), 34mm (+9)


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