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FOSS sharpening stone

Original price was: $104.00.Current price is: $74.00.

Foss sharpening stone

This is a combination stone that provides the convenience of two different grit surfaces in a single stone. The stone has a coarse side for sharpening and a fine side for polishing.

Foss sharpening stone


This Foss sharpening stone is a combination stone that provides the convenience of two different grit surfaces in a single stone. The stone has a coarse side for sharpening and a fine side for polishing.

The stone is made out of silicon carbide abrasive and flattened after production. This makes it the perfect stone for skaters who expect the best sharpening result.

The Foss stone is the most popular sharpening stone out there.


Silicon carbide is a ceramic material containing hard, abrasive grains that break down under pressure. This breaking down process makes SiC items cut faster and sharper and generate finer scratch patterns on a wide range of surfaces. Silicon carbide is considered one of the hardest materials — besides diamonds — because another substance cannot scratch it.


Silicon carbide is used as an abrasive due to its hardness. What sets the ceramic material apart from other abrasives is its high-temperature strength, high thermal conductivity and low thermal expansion. First, manufacturers mold silicon carbide grit into an angular grain shape. Silicon carbide media then begins the process of breaking down constantly to yield incredibly sharp edges.

Benefits of silicon carbide abrasive follow:

  • Silica-free design
  • Shorter blast times compared to other media
  • Minimal contaminants and magnetic content
  • Rapid cutting speed
  • Composition lighter than metallic with a denser blast stream
  • Low cost
  • Light to very heavy etching on a variety of surfaces
  • Availability in a wide range of grit sizes and mesh
  • Biodegradable and reusable material

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Size: 250 x 75 x 20 mm.

Cup Height

25mm (0), 28mm (+3), 29mm (+4), 32mm (+7)


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