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The Alpha speedskating aero helmet has been further developed. It is now even safer, has a better fit and remains the ultimate skating helmet setting a high standard for short track or marathon.

With the Alpha-2 Aerospeed aero helmet we introduce the successor of the very first speedskating specific helmet for long distances in the world, the Cádomotus Alpha. The Alpha-2 is safer, fits even better, and remains the skating helmet that sets the standard.

The introduction of the Alpha helmet in 2015, ran in sync with the call for more safety in marathon skating as well as in the mass-start for long track speed skating. It was the beginning of a revolution. The skating helmet has now become a part of the ice rink and many recreational and experienced ice lovers make use of it. Just like in the cycling and inline skating community, ice skaters have begun to transition to always wearing a helmet when skating.

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