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BONT skating gloves


Cut-resistant gloves are essential protective equipment when you’re a short track speed skater as they help to reduce the risk of injury to your hands during speed skating practice and short track racing. The Bont cut-resistant speed skating gloves are comfortable and give great protection and have a level 4 cut resistance and available in 5 sizes.

This product can be used in conjunction with Bont carbon fingertips to protect the tips of your gloves while short track speed skating.

Speed skating can be dangerous as you are traveling at high speeds. These Bont cut-resistant gloves protect your fingers from cuts when mishaps occur.

The short track speed skating cut-proof gloves are available in 5 sizes so they are guaranteed to fit men, women, boys, girls, kids and youths.


The millimeter numbers provided is the measurement from fingertip of middle finger to the very end of the cuff.
S – 230mm to 239mm
M – 240mm to 249mm
L – 250mm to 259mm
XL – 260mm to 269mm
XXL – 270mm to 279mm



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